Hi Rick, Yes, I buy into y


Hi Rick,

Yes, I buy into your advice. Zooms or similar it will be henceforth. Never did like those camera mounted directional mics. Personally I like the quality of the cameras’ onboard mics better for ambient sound. I do have an omni directional lavalier mic but which I didn’t use because the clip is broken. I shall have the clip replaced.Thanks for the advice.


I have already ordered another lavalier. I remember now from some of your previously writings that you are a firm believer in the Zoom recorders. Zoom H2, if I remember correctly?

What I didn’t mention is that there was a single prop plane fly over during the ceremony, which briefly brought proceedings to a halt. In addition, next to the lake was a windmill which made this rythmic, squeaking noise as it was turned by the wind. It just wasn’t my day. Murphy came a visit’n.

Thank you both for the response.

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