Hi Rick – as you might have


Hi Rick – as you might have seen in my post, those forums are where I received much of the info I posted.  And no one had definitive answers with follow up.


So here is my follow up – 


– I didn't bother with a USB adapter – isn't going to work

– Bought a pinnacle movie box – works capturing in real time (time consuming)

– Bought an older refurbished PC with firewire port…..it makes a sound as though it recognizes a device is being added, but it doesn't show up anywhere and I can't use any programs to download the video as the device is not seen


So..veterans of this process…any recommendations for the PC?  Am I missing drivers or some other software?  


 Needless to say this whole thing is frustrating.  I like the camera but if I can't get the video files off of it or have to spend a ton of money doing so….it really does defeat the purpose of starting with an inexpensive/older camera.


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