Hi Rex, As Composite 1 not


Hi Rex,

As Composite 1 noted don’t punish yourself with the “idiot” self talk. I think we can safely assume we’ve all been there, done that before (I mean who doesn’t know what it’s like not to understand every facet of gear, software, etc).

Hey, I’ve been editing HD multi-cam and single cam projects for nearly 3 years now with Vegas and here’s a few tricks for you.

1) There is this nifty little spec’s match tab with in Vegas Project Properties. Get into Project Properties and look for the folder icon with in the right side of the dialog box. This is the Match Media Settings tab with in Vegas. This takes a good portion of the thinking out of the specs and allows Vegas to point to one of your media files to use as a reference for matching the specifications.

2) I edit all of my projects (unless noted by the consumer to do otherwise) in HD. I then render out of Vegas into SD from my HD source material. Typically the Vegas MPEG-2 and AC3 render templete’s are more than sufficient for this. I would take the time to make sure you tell Vegas to render at the highest quality and to double check any other settings which are important to your project.

3) Now that you have rendered SD MPEG-2 and AC-3 files you can then plug them into DVD Arch to complete the project. Make sure you check the Optimize and Project Properties with in DVD Arch to maximize your quality settings. Although it seems intuitive that DVD Arch will, for example, create 24p material correctly, I have noted that I sometimes have to tell it to do so.

My experience tells me that if your source material is HD and your render out of Vegas to SD and then plug into DVD Arch with these renders you should be pleased with the results. Also, as Composite 1 noted although you notice the difference in the video quality your clients may be impressed with how well the SD material looks on their end.

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