Hi RB, Looking for the NT


Hi RB,

Looking for the NTSC version.

I’m not set up for PAL at moment. I have met two filmmakers not connected, who make their living as independent filmmakers (one based in Thailand/Alaska; one based in LA), who swear by the PAL versions of the 150/170. For under 10K, their view is that the PAL versions of these cams are the best options out there for converting to film later. (This was their opinion as of 12 months ago in one case; 24 months in the other; one of these contacts was living on the other side of Phuket a couple miles from where the tsuami hit; he and his Thai family survived; some of his neighbors working in the hotels did not…)

Back to the subject, the original version of "Votergate" was shot using the PAL version of this cam. (Votergate II supposedly coming out before mid-terms, but I don’t think they are going to make it; being edited in Britain.)

I came close to joining the PAL club at one point.


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