Hi pseudosafari, these are


Hi pseudosafari, these are two of the clauses in their T&C

The music and video files contained in MAGIX products are exclusively for non-commercial purposes (purely personal use). Any commercial application of the software and/or music and video files is only permitted on receipt of express written authorisation from MAGIX. Any commercial use of the original files as well as modified files or new works derived from MAGIX music files, or commercial application of any other kind Art, is expressly prohibited, unless the respective MAGIX product (or packaging) is expressly identified as “royalty-free”.
All music files from MAGIX products identified as “royalty-free” can be used for commercial or personal purposes on condition that the work produced is visibly identified with the label (incl. logo) “MAGIX CREATION”. You will find this label and logo on our Internet site – http://www.magix.com. If you do not have Internet access, please call MAGIX and we will send the label/logo by post.
There is no obligation to identify work created with the products “MAGIX music maker professional”, “MAGIX @udio & video office”, “MAGIX @udio & video office premium” or “Samplitude 5.9 and following versions” and the associated music files, with this label and logo.

MAGIX is entitled to proprietary and copyright protection for the licensed software as well as the music and video files. Anyone responsible for any violations against such rights may be sued by MAGIX.

I put the bold type on the phrases which I consider to be contentious. I bought the software and two CDs of samples in the UK. The wording on the back cover of the case reads:

“No limits, Magix Music Maker Generation MM offers everything you need to produce songs and music videos. Combine over 2,000 of the latest sound loops in any music style via drag and drop with 6 virtual instruments and numerous real-time effects. There is no limit to your creativity.” To which I add, as long as you don’t make a penny out of it.

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