HI Pixie I think that we c


HI Pixie

I think that we can conclude that the company has not given you what you want and expected.

Also they don’t seem to want to try and make things better.

Communications between company and custmer are of upmost importance, if these are good from the start it helps avoid a breakdown in the relationship.

Some times customers asks for the impossible, not knowing what can and can’t be done.

Companies may say things can’t be done because they know it will be hard work or they dont have the required skills to do it.

It might be best to move on but if you do you must secure as much of the original material (footage, this might include original tapes,media files, still pictures, documentation and music etc).

Then corrective work might be possible with another editor at a later date.

In my opinion this material belongs to you as you have paid for it but check out your agreement.

As regards to your website I am not always keen to have customers doing alterations unless they understand the possible consequences, but the site always belongs to the customer.

I am not in the market for wesite creation but if you wish send me your site url I will check out your site and its contents and give you a what can be done and a must have list for moving on.


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