Hi Phil – I too was a pro


Hi Phil –

I too was a pro photog in a prior life.

I would suggest an Aiptek just to get started – It’s about $90 and will work fine to start (you will replace it as soon as you get serious).

Spend the other money on a decent Non Linear Editor (you can get Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for about $100 – I’m sure Adobe and Avid also have “home” versions).

Digital Juice (http://www.digitaljuice.com) has free video tutorials on their website (called DJTV) – I would suggest watching all of Chuck Peters’ ones (“Field of View”) as they are great helps for the videographer (the others are great too but deal with tech issues, audio, production and how to use DJ products) – Also Chris “Ace” Gates’ “Cutting Class” is a great help for editing pointers.

The best advice I could give is to get out there and start doing as much video taping and editing as you can (just like you did when you started with photography – I used to shoot 20 rolls a week and did my own darkroom work as well – Same paradigm).

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