Hi Paolo – yes, the Panasonic


Hi Paolo – yes, the Panasonic G6 (and all Panasonic interchangeable lens cameras) accept micro 4/3 lenses.  Panasonic and Olympus are the creators of the micro 4/3 format, which Blackmagic has adopted.


I recommended the G6 and the A57 above because you said "not too expensive".  For a little more money, the best 1080/60p choice in MFT mount is the $1298 Panasonic GH3.  I own this camera, and it is the best value for money interchangeable lens camera on the market today.  Here is a 1080/60p slow motion piece shot with the GH3:






I also have a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on order, because, at $995, it will be an even better value for the money – but it will not shoot 1080/60p.


Good luck with your decision!



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