Hi ophelia – to keep from


Hi ophelia – to keep from having to upgrading again in the near future you might want to consider upgrading to UHD/4K instead of HD.  


My current DSLM is a $1698 4K Panasonic GH4, and I plan to buy a $2300 (upgradeable to UHD) Sony PXW-X70 with pro XLR mic inputs and a 50mbps 10-bit 4:2:2 codec to accompany it.  The X70's 1" sensor is close to the GH4's 4/3" sensor – and both are Ultra HD cameras.


Here is the GH4 intercut with the X70's little brother, the $1998 Sony FDR-AX100 at 4K. The AX100 is the prosumer version of the X70, with a 3.5mm mic input and a less robust codec (please watch at your monitor's highest resolution):





At a (much) higher price point, my two matching 4K cameras would be the $2498 Sony A7s and the $7999 Sony PXW-F7 with its Super 35mm sensor.  The F7 records 4K internally, while the A7s outputs 4K via its micro HDMI port.  The FS7 is so new that there is no footage of the two cameras cut together – but here are a couple of Sony promos shot with the FS7 and the A7s by the same DP:












Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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