Hi On A Roll,I recently


Hi On A Roll,

I recently attended a conference where a guy who shoots professional docs was extolling hi def. Privately I pointed out the low light buzz about hi def. He said thats not true. He said that he recently shot a cave scene with hi def where the light was provided by a match. He said the shot looked clean and luminous, like a Lukas film. It turns out he was using a cam valued at $140,000 (i.e, a Lukas cam). He admitted that if shot by a prosumer HD cam that result might not be up to par.

My own comparison test was about 18 months ago. My Sony VX2100 clearly was dramatically better in the shadow areas of the video store than the HD cam that the salesperson was wild about at the time. (BTW, these stores are so well lit, you need to really search for areas for doing this kind of test.)

A few months ago I skimmed over an article in Videomaker that sort of addressed this lighting issue. While it did not come right out and say that low light HD stinks, it did happen to be one of the most belaboringly technical articles I have encountered in the mag regarding setting up your lighting. The focus was you need to do all these extra things with your lighting if you are shooting with HD, because if you dont the results wont be as good as you want or expect.

At some point, HD, prosumer version, will be able to handle low light as well as some of the top SD cams. It was maybe two years before digital wasnt an embarrassment compared to analog in these low light situations. The same thing will happen again with HD. If someone out there knows something about this moment already having arrived, that would be cool to hear on this forum.

Of course, when the lights are up, HD rules and you get to see every zit!


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