Hi oba888 – depending on your

Hi oba888 – depending on your budget, I would recommend three $199 F&V ring lights, two light stands for $30, one more light stand for $20 , two $9 Sony NP-F550 batteries and a dual battery charger for $19.
If three is too much for your budget, you can get by with two.
Ring lights are extremely flattering to interview subjects – in an emergency, when you only have one, you can shoot through the middle of the ring and still get even lighting – plus the F&V puts out a lot of light for its size while remaining cool to the touch.
Please take a look at this Diva Ring Light review to see what you can do with one, two or three ring lights:
I own both the F&V and a Diva (see picture below) and they are the best lighting investments I've made in 40 years of video and filmmaking: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-jrqsQtPN3TU/U1sjz3-jwnI/AAAAAAAAIt4/k2WveyQeO4o/w724-h543-no/P1120732.JPG
Plus, you can buy a $40 rail mount, put the F&V on your rig, and use it for a run and gun light, as I've done here: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-rhqiHavOnGM/U1J4paO2vRI/AAAAAAAAIrk/eW1mhniD0gY/w724-h543-no/P1120708.JPG
This light is a very good value for your money.
Hope this helps as you put your lighting setup together!

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