Hi Nicholas,


Hi Nicholas,


No problem playing the video on my 2011 iMac.  Perhaps blocked on mobile devices?


I watched with special interest, 'cause my dad served in Surinam as part of the US Navy in WWII.  


As a music video, the  scenes were interesting, you captured some interesting shots, angles, & camera moves.  The montage held interest for the duration of first song.  

But I feel that a fifteen-minute "Trip Video" needs to tell some sort of story to hold the viewer's interest. This could be narration, titles, graphics (maps), etc.  When you play this movie for your friends, you probably prepare them with some description, or give a narrative while they watch?  Maybe try inserting something like that into your movie.


By the way, Hindu is one of Surinam's major religions.  I've been to India, always wondered if a traveler would find any similarities in South America.  Did you see any festivals, temples, etc?









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