Hi Nev, Your idea is fina


Hi Nev,

Your idea is financially smart and practically viable. I have the sony DVP-FX810 (bought it a long time ago when these things were very new so by now there shouls be better stuff).

The gadgethas switchable AV-in/out and I did test it as a “poorman’s videoassist” sometime in early 2010but was DISSAPOINTED by the SCREEN REFLECTION (too much! couple that with how the LCD technology behaves under bright lights and… suffice it to say its TOTALLY UNUSABLE outdoors or under bright lights indoors) and the contrast + resolution is too poor if you want to use as a focusing aid.

I am still for the idea though and was waiting for LED (!) screens to evolve. My thinking is…If Ican only find aPICTURE FRAME(light weight – high res + good contrast and brightness) that acceptsHDMI input and doesnt need a computer to work…

Wait a minute.. I just googled and got “”Onkyo LPF10M01” http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/22/onkyo-busts-out-hdmi-connected-10-1-inch-picture-frame/

Am sure other manufacturers (Sony, SamsungHELOOO!) will follow suit.

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