Hi Nenny015,

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Hi Nenny015,


This is SDE Weddings and we film a lot of weddings here in Toronto.


This is our website: http://sdeweddings.com


And this is our feed back.


First of all, by no ways are we the best in the industry. We only been filming weddings for about 4 years. There are many people who are a lot better than us. So please take our advice as just our opinion.


Video – Thumbnail 

-from a marketing presentation, you can pick a better video thmbnail for your vimeo video. 


Framing – 0:29

is okay to have artistic framing, however, for exterior & establishing shots, I would usually try to have a straight framing & not slanted. (just our style, doesn;t mean is necessarily right)


Video Quality

-we notice a lot of video noise in your wedding video

-camera gears & lenses are expensive. when you get a chance I would invest in better gears just to produce better image quality

(footage in reception is really noisy)

-low light is one of the biggest issue we face. 


Using Sliders

-one of the most tool when we film weddings in Toronto is that we use sliders.

-there are some cheap sliders starting at around $150 on B&H


Camera Stablization

-I felt most of the shots you done were done handhelf? 

-I would invest in a decent monopod or tripod



-I would get a rode mic to attach to your DSLR

-invest in H4N or H1N to record sounds externally




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