hi mr. compusolver. i miss


hi mr. compusolver. i missed out on the c7’s, i got stuck in friday night rush hour traffic and by the time i got online there was or i saw there was 1min left in the bidding but i tried to place a bid which i think i would have won, it said bidding was ended. oh well better luck next time, may be that really wasn’t the cam for me and i couldn’t afford the both so i will take a deep breath and keep looking,, one question for the day is how do i get a feedback score i see some won’t let me bid if i don’t have one, i mean do i have to buy stuff i don’t want or need to get one it allmost makes me feel the way i did when i first tried to get into trucking, i got my license at 19 but couldn’t get job till i was 21 but they wanted 1-2years experience get my drift so any short cut to get some feedback points would be appriecated ! one of my stupid questions of the day bub! im behind a few 😯

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