Hi Mike, As you can see,


Hi Mike,

As you can see, it takes a lot of questions to really give you an accurate answer, especially considering your location. If you’re planning on selling this to a Russian station, you’ll need to be able to output to SECAM format, which i am vary unfamiliar with. But, assuming that SECAM camcorders are similar to the PAL/NTSC models on the market…

The biggest question to ask is "What is broadcast quality?" In the United states, most Television stations are slowly moving to High Definition. Because of this, they often prefer new programs to be recorded in 1080i resolution. High Def cameras that I appreciate include the Sony FX-1, Canon XH-A1, and if you had the budget, either the XH-G1 or the XL-H1.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and many stations will still air new programs in SD. If they will do so, then a camera like the XL-1 or XL-2 would be sufficient. I would really, if I were you, avoid the GL series for on-air broadcast. They’re great cameras, and could probably pull it off, but they do use a slightly smaller CCD, which makes their low-light conditions less than stellar.

As far as any other tips I can give, it would sure help to know a lot more of what you’re doing.

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