Hi Mike – if you use a DSLR,


Hi Mike – if you use a DSLR, you will also need to add an LCD Viewfinder or EVF to your equipment list because the viewfinder goes blank in live view (video) mode.  Are you planning to buy a Canon 70D with lightning fast autofocus?  If you buy any other Canon DSLR, you'll need a follow focus as well.


I personally don't like these workarounds, so I don't use DSLRs for serious work.


If you want the stealth and large sensor "look" of a DSLR, but with built-in EVF, a headphone jack, fast autofocus and essentially unlimited continuous recording time (DSLRs are limited to 12,20 or 30 minutes of continuous recording before you have to restart them)., you should consider the Panasonic GH3 ($998 on sale at Amazon as of this post).


Here are a couple of docs shot with this camera:








I plug a battery powered XLR directly into this camera with a $17 line matching converter and get perfectly clean sound with the camera's preamps.


I don't know what your budget is, but to get the GH3's large sensor, high resolutuon look from a camcorder with XLR inputs (e.g., Sony EA50/FS100/FS700, Canon C100/300/500) would require a bigger, heavier camera and cost a lot more money.


Hope this is helpful and good luck with your project!



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