Hi Marshall, To help a


Hi Marshall,
To help answer your question I can only relate my experience. Eye, Ear, Brain. I do action videos of 4×4 racing and local rodeos. My messages were always on point, short and impactful(?). But no sale! I was at a loss. It was the right product and marketed to the right demographic but somehow it wasn’t getting through. Then a professor from a local community college saw my video adds and my products and made this statement to me. "Eyes, ears, brain"?? He said that my message was verbal being conveyed via a video carrier. He meant that what the eye see will override what the ear hears at the same time and then the brain interpts the input. The video was so striking that the audio (my message) was being trashed. When I looked it in that way I saw my flaw.
I don’t know what product you’re selling but this little bit was enough to increase my sales from nil to over 100 units a month. Not much you say? To me, the difference between giving up and ‘there’s hope after all’. This may just be anecdotal for you but it did help me.
C Ya’
Ralph French

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