Hi Maka. What you are abou


Hi Maka.

What you are about to enter is the old “Ford-Chevy” debate. Brace yourself. Or you might check out the thread, “Why is Final Cut So Popular”:


It is not an easy question. Lots of people think Final Cut is it; but then Steve Jobs (Apple) is ill, and no one knows what will really happen once he steps down. People are already leaving the FCP team.

Sony cannot seem to get it together, to realize that they are sitting on the finest piece of software in the world, and so it continues to be plagued with bugs and a total lack of third-party coordination and support. Avid is the premiere editing interface in the world, but Avid just got bought out, and people are speculating whether the company will survive, or rebound. It has an enormous head start, but. Then there is speculation that Adobe is getting ready to be the new Avid, because they are quietly-but-steadily working convergence and integration of support harder than anyone else (with the possible exception of FCP…but who knows for how long).

Magix is brand new, and probably the pipsqueak of the bunch at the moment; but it appears to be logically put together, and it offerssome great features and design interfaces. People like it. VM did a very positive review on it. I am thinking of picking it up myself, if only for the ability to switch cameras. If they continue to invest and grow they probably have a pretty strong future ahead of them…but it all depends on what you like, and what you want.

>>I’ve been working with Magix Movie Pro 14, and like it, but I’m ready to move up.

If you like it, that is a good reason to stick with it; but if you are ready to move up, first ask yourself what you want to do, and how far you want to go. If you don’t want to buy a lot of third party stuff to integrate with it, then Sony Vegas is an excellent choice. If you do want to buy a bunch of stuff to integrate with it, then Vegas makes people pull what is left of their hair out.

I have one question, and one question-suggestion. What is your ultimate editing goal? And have youconsidered upgrading to Magix Pro first,and then transitioning to another NLE second?

I am digging deep in Vegas,but am getting disgusted with the lack of third party support (because Vegasdoes not talk with thethird party people), and amalready looking towards Premiere. Also to keep in mind is that Avid and Premiere will work on either a Mac or a PC, while Vegas and Magix only work on PC, and FCP (of course) only works on a Mac.

But you might read the Final Cut thread,just to see how it goes.

I sure hope that helps.


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