Hi Maka. It occurs to me t


Hi Maka.

It occurs to me that you are also questioning which hardware platform.

Short answer is that if you go Mac you can do Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere/CS4. These are all the ‘big dogs’ at the moment. In contrast, if you go PC you can do Avid, Premiere, Vegas and Magix.

The PC combination is less money,and there is actually more software available. However,in order to avoid problems one basically has to dedicate the machine to video editing, and not load a lot of junk on it.I test everything on my laptop, and only when I am satisfied that it is something I really want do I install it on the workstation.

Mac is more money, but it is on average far less headaches. The machines cost more, but the third party integration is really good (at least for now). Some people do have bigproblems using Mac, but there are fewer of them, on average.

There are plusses and minuses either way. Again it all comes down to what you want, which of course is difficult to know when you have not worked with the software, and it takes time to get used to it.

Ford/Chevy: it is a big decision. I hope you make the right one for you.


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