Hi Luke, This is meant tot


Hi Luke,

This is meant totally constructively, so I hope you take it that way. You asking about the rule of thirds has drawn a flag for me but not in a bad way. You’re at the point where regardless of source, its time to study IMHO. The “Rule of thirds” is a basic fundamental of composition for both video and photography.

There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here but getting the short answer from experienced people can sometimes be like getting “Cliff notes”. Sure, they are pearls but without your own understanding of the fundamentals, you are running short on tools that will help you do your job better. Kind of like having a pair of vice grips in your back pocket vs. a full standard and metric socket/wrench set.

This site has a mountain of video’s and articles that cover just about anything involved with video and its there to surf any time its convenient for you. These articles will go a bit more in depth than what you will usually get in a response to a post on the forum. I was also tipped off by others on this site about a good book that would serve you well on this subject. Its called “The Five C’s of Cinematography” by Joseph V. Mascelli. On a whim I added it to my Christmas list my wife asks me for every year and actually found it a great book. I also found I was in need of a refresher at the time and have read it several times now. It did me good to read it. You can find it online for about 20-25 bucks.

When you’re “Run and Gun” shooting, you gotta just apply basic rules of composition but at least for me, its something that kind of develops when I’m setting up for interviews or just in control of things in general. Even books on composition for photography are useful but its a subject I really don’t think you can study to much of.

Like I said, short answers are great but making full use of this site and hitting some books can give you a broader understanding of the subject. I believe you hit a point where you have to hit the books and make time for that when it comes to video and looks to me like you’re at that point.

Just my 2 pennies

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