Hi Luke The advice the oth


Hi Luke

The advice the others have given is correct. Premier Pro CS3 and older will not accept .mts files, CS4 will but only on some computers. CS5 and later work fine but require a 64 bit computer.

I have Windows 7 64 bit with running on an Intel I7 second generation processor with Premier Pro CS5.5 64 bit loaded. I do not have a video card that supports the Mercury engine display, but I can take AVCHD files at 24mb/s and import them into PP an work on them including adding most common transitions, and preview them without the need to render. Only if I get three or more video tracks stacked do I ever bother to render.

I can export to most formats in better than real time. I am sure the step up to a 64 bit processor is the most important factor when working with AVCHD.

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