Hi Linda, I have a previou


Hi Linda,

I have a previous version of the XHA1. You can assign values (between -3 and +36, zero if you like) to those switches L,M,H or take the preset values. I’m not sure what the preset values are. I usually leave my AGC off and operate the camera in Manual mode giving me full control over the exposure. The AGC is a great feature in low light but it does add noise.

So, think of video gain as an amplifier.

Q1. What is -3 video gain? A1. Less than what your camera is currently sensing.

Q2. Does it take away from video gain? A2. Yes it reduces the current signal coming to your camera.

Q3. When do you use
0 video gain? A3. As Earl says, most of the time. BTW, Earl has some great advice.

Q4. Why is there no way to turn manual video gain off? A4. When you turn of the AGC you are in manual mode, when you turn in on you are in manual mode with the switches represent values either factory preset or with values you have set.

Q5. Why are
you stuck with low,medium,and high video gain specs in manual and there
is no way to turn off video gain and not use video gain at all? A5. Hopefully you now understand that is not the case at all, you have complete control over the gain.

Please see page 63 of your user manual to learn how to set the values of those settings.

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