Hi kj – If you’re looking for


Hi kj – If you're looking for a camera between the 3400€ Canon 5D Mark III with the 25-105mm and the C300, it sounds like you're looking for the Canon C100 (or perhaps the 9090 Sony FS700, if you need autofocus).


I am not prejudiced against Sony, and the NEX-VG series cameras are fine cameras, but they are limited to 25p and 50p, and have: no ability to adjust sharpness or color, no color bars, no professional XLR mic inputs, and no ND filters.  These cameras produce nice images, but are not really suited for pro cinema or TV work flows.


Here is what the C100 can do:






Here is what the FS700 can do:





You can order the C100 with the 24-105mm lens from Amazon US or Adorama in the US for $6099.


Hope this is helpful!



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