Hi Kids – Thanks for the


Hi Kids –

Thanks for the kind words.

The reason I need to do a full cut on this is I have done two prior vids showcasing the event, with a script & voiceover I did, detailing not only the event but the business and why it makes sense as a fundraiser. In each case I was sent video and had to work with someone else’s stuff. In one case I had decent footage to work with, in the other not as good, but nothing as bad as the stuff I am working with now. This is the type of video the client ultimately wants, something to use as a promotional video to drive business her way.

I have a script, need to record a VO, identified some stock footage I can use, have the titles built, short clips id’d and just need to find interview footage I can use and put it all together. I like this client and she has recently had some heartache in her life and I’d like nothing more than to help her feel a bit better (plus it is nice when they tell you how you’re a genius).

Anyway, here are the first two vids I did:



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