Hi Kids – Along these li


Hi Kids –

Along these lines, I am doing a friend’s wedding (I shot the wedding already). I have about four hours of total tape, including the preparations, the cermony and the reception. I already cut a "love story" slideshow which runs about four minutes (was shown at the wedding reception), a "preparations" segment which runs for about nine minutes, and a "ceremony" segment which runs for about 14 minutes (total about 27 minutes so far). I am planning on about a 20 minute reception segment bring me to 47 minutes, so this falls in line with what you guys are talking about. I will also be adding a slideshow (built from the still photogs photos) that will run about 20 minutes (about 150-200 shots).

OK – Now to my question – Is there anything I am missing that I need to get in after the fact – I was thinking about interviewing the B&G and putting together a "rememberances" section but I will also be providing them a set of DVD’s with the raw footage (these are friends remember) but that has LOTS of extraneous stuff that editing is cutting out.

So whatchall think?

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