Hi Kenny! I’ve reading and


Hi Kenny! I've reading and watching testing videos of the Z90. Images are incredible. But, I saw it doesn't have the three rings (focus, zoom and iris) like the NX5R. It only has one ring and you have to select what you want to manage by using a buttom.
As you said, it's like the X70, an upgrade over it. If I'm correct, the big difference is that Z90 is a 4K camcorder.
So, is it worth? I mean, with the NX5R I have more control over the image given by the three rings. So, is it worth to give up on the controls the NX5R gives me in exchange the 4K quality?

I haven't search about the codecs enough, but I believe any of these camcorders's codecs should work. I'm using Sony Vegas 9 Pro for my videos edition.

I also could go for the HXR-NX80 (the NXCAM version of the Z90), but, again the question: is it worth?

Another thing, 4K quality implies more storage disk space for backups.


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