Hi Ken & J. – I apprec


Hi Ken & J. – I appreciate the input! My basic dilemma was that I didn’t want to “experiment” in purchasing a $200+ program and have it not be what I wanted. I was surprised that I couldn’t split the audio and video on two others I’ve picked up (but they WERE cheap!).

I tried the Magix free demo and am thoroughly impressed! Typical guy… didn’t read any instructions, just started punching buttons and moving things around according to my “old” editors knowledge… In about 30 mins of playing I actually put together a decent 5 min training podcast – surprised the heck out of me! LOL

I’m probably going to whip out the credit card and purchase the full copy tomorrow… when I’m actually awake and have read a bit of the pdf guide… I’m hoping to find a chroma key option on that particular program. If not, I do have another that I can import, but it would be nice to have it all in one package.

Thanks again for the help

I’m gonna hang around here for a while


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