Hi Ken, Actually the fil


Hi Ken,

Actually the filmmaker could post a trailer in support of selling his full length independent film. We have a PayPal, Pay Per View Model we configure for each filmmaker. We try and do all the work for the filmmaker. All they have to do is register, get their distribution account, upload their film, and then we review it. We do the review because we want high quality independent films. Then once we review it we put it in our d/b where it can be seen and sold
In addition since we are filmmaker centric each filmmaker can create a profile and then support it with video streamed using the same platfrom that is used to stream their video.
Later in the year we’ll have a more robust pay per view model that will eliminate PayPal.
We’re also working with the Santa Fe Film Festival to enable the same distribution platform for online festival submissions as a way of going green. This also gives the filmmaker distribution choices and options after the festival shoudl they not get a distribution contract.


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