Hi Kali You are right, wor


Hi Kali

You are right, wordpress.com is boring. One could argue that that is exactly why it is good for business websites. Unless you are a web designer and want to show off your web design prowess, most business websites do better with a clean look and clear, predictable navigation – all aspects that clients appreciate.

WordPress.com was not intended for business websites. As it hosts many people’s blogs, the developers have wisely restricted the number of themes that you can use, and how much you can customise your blog. However, with judicial use of images, video and the sidebar widgets, you can nevertheless make a wordpress.com website quite attractive.

That said, most businesses opt for self-hosted WordPress-based websites as that allows for much more custimization and branding, and additional functionality using plugins (not available in wordpress.com). Before you can effectively use a self-hosted site, you have to accept that there is a ateeplearning curve! The good news is that you don’t have to know everything, you can learn as you go. Good learning resources are http://www.lynda.com and http://www.byobwebsite.com



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