Hi Josh. Last year we


Hi Josh. Last year we launched our Limelite brand of continuous lighting for video and our new Pixel 300W 3-point tungsten lighting kit includes an in-line dimmer with each head. You also get 3 sets of barndoors, 3 lighting stands, a set of spare bulbs and a padded kit case – see http://www.limelite.us.com/index.php/tungsten-lighting/pixel-three-point-lighting-kit for more information. As others have already commented, please be aware that color temperature (CT) will shift as you use dimmers to vary light output, as CT is affected by the voltage changes employed to dim the lights. At full power our lights are 3200K, but this can vary by a few hundred degrees K as you dim the lights. Our barndoors feature handy gel clips, so it's worth carrying some CT gels to help balance lights under differing output conditions. You can also change the standard 300W bulbs for 3200K 150W bulbs to reduce output without affecting CT if you need to.

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