Hi Jesse, sorry I just cam


Hi Jesse, sorry I just came across this topic now. I have both t3i and dvx100b. I was just wondering how you made out with your quest, which way you went, your findings etc.

its a tough one I think. I bought the t3ibecauseI felt a need for astillcamera and liked the idea that you can change lenses.

but apparently the t3i can also shoot really great video.. Ihaven’thad such luck. I shot some test video and it came out choppy. not even usable. So then I was told it was my card, so I bought a 36GB # 10 card and the first few clips just STOPPED after like 10 seconds! took it back to Canon, they puttheircard in it and it recorded fine, so then I took the card back to where i bought it and tried to show them that itdoesn’twork and that their card was a counterfeit, but in fact it proved me wrong again and worked fine!

Id hate to be on a video shoot and fine it ot onlyworkpart time (like me lol)

it takes great stills, so I imagine that it would takegreatvideo.

but the dvx can take great video too but youreallyhave toknowhot to use it. I bought a book about gettingthemost from your dvx. there are lots of tips in it that make thedifferencesbetween ok video and great video.

the audio of course it great. I love the slr jacks and a tape can record an hour or more if you put in on long record.

the longest an SD card can record in the t3i is supposedly 29 minutes, soyou’dneed a lot of cards to capture enough footage for a movie for sure, but I guess itspossible.

I have not tested files from the t3i in my computer yet either. my mac seems to be lowing down. I have jammed it with as much ram as it will hold 8GB, but it seems slower than when I only had 4GB. Ive got LOTS of space on the drives, 320G on one 2TB on the other but its still slow rendering IMO

Id like to get a solid state camcorder but one withinterchangeablelenses get expensive. Panasonic has the f100 I think its called but it uses 1/4 lenses and I was talked intothet3ibecauseI would beableto share lenses – more compatibility, so I want a camcorder that can share lenses with.

little reluctant to make any move becauselikelyneed a betercomputeralong with a better camera, and not too damn sure about mac anymore either! might just go back to pc premiere pro like intheold days!

mac really did it. now alltheirsoftware needs INTEL processors.. Im on “Power PC” processors so Icannotupgrade anything.

maybe you can talk me into selling the dvx if youhaven’tgot one already. mine has less than 200hrs on it.

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