Hi Jerry, If you can affo


Hi Jerry,

If you can afford it – just do it. I actually run both. Studio is great to slap something together in if you want. [I also use Studio to ‘make’ and .avi to convert to flash.] But if you want control Liquid is all over it. The transitions, the finess, the extra channels, the added creativity . . . . I think you get the idea.

Be forwarned – in Studio you can see and manulipate the files that make up your ‘project’. Once sucked into Avid they are no longer available for you to mess with outside of Avid. Windows doesn’t like to copy or back-up what you can’t see. I don’t know what it will do in RAID. So if you are trying to keep a mirror somewhere you need to address that <before> you start.

I have had to start from scratch – that means go through the re-capture from DV. So I often capture from Studio and import into Avid, that way I always have the raw .avi file to work with. I am sure there are other work arounds but ‘old dogs’ you know.


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