Hi Jen, There is a colour


Hi Jen,

There is a colour difference but you’ll never get an exact match. Last June I rented an XHA1 so I could do a two cam shoot and there was still stuff to correct because of the angle of the light hitting the cameras at different locations. I found the D60 a little harder to white balance on the fly so I recommend before you start a 2 cam shoot, you put the cams side by side shoot a white and gray card, colour too if you have it, and then move the cams to there location. That’s as much as you can do before hand and then the tweaking begins! Really Jen, there is always tweaking with multiple cameras. That being said, I have found a lot of similarity in the colours, and ease of correcting video, using my HV20, D60 and XHA1 with the various sensor generations.

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