Hi Jeff, Having started my


Hi Jeff,

Having started my Wedding Video business 2 years ago, I’m running it concurrently with my day job. This is not unusual – many photographers I met are doing the same. If you’re starting up, it’s extremely risky to just jump in without a safety net. The benefits to the clients is lower prices, with only the potential longer wait for the video the draw back. However, since I book only enough Weddings that I can comfortably deal with within a given time period, there’s little difference to fulltime Videographers, who will take on more work to cover their costs. Besides for us it’s a great way to slowly build up a Business without the pressure of relying on it to make a living. All my money I make goes into buying new equipment, building up a name and trying new ideas. Do the Brides know I have a day job, no; I don’t advertise this, nor do they ask. At the end of the day as long as I don’t exceed a workable number of jobs, the impact to them is minimal. The only downside is holding down two jobs during the busy Wedding season, and from next year I shall be seeking to reduce my main job gradually as my Business builds up.


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