Hi James, and welcome to t


Hi James, and welcome to the site. I’ll cut right to the chase.

1. I am thinking about buying a camcorder for this instead of using my digital camera. Which would be my best choice?
a) Mini DV camcorder
b) Hard drive camcorder
c) should I just buy a 2 GB SD memory card and keep filming/recording on my digital camera.

Tough question. That’s a lot like coming to this forum and asking which vitamin supplement you should be taking. Without knowing several factors, it’s difficult to give a god answer.

If you’re just doing small home movies, and quality isn’t a big concern, I’d just stick with what you’ve got if you’re happy with it. If you want to do mor though, I would suggest MiniDV. It’s superior quality above just about everything out there.

2. which of these formats would be easiest to upload into my (mac)computer ? (the digital cameras upload to of video to I-photo is extremely easy, which is what I am currently doing)?

MiniDV is very easy if your computer has a firewire (ieee 1394) port. just plug in the camera, and the computer will walk you through it. The only downside to a MiniDV camera is that you have to load video in realtime, e.g. if yu shoot two hours of footage, you will have to watch it load. On the bright side, you can make good use of the time by logging your footage.

3. which is the going to produce the best digital video quality for viewing after I upload the videos to my computer then edit them, then burn to dvd? And in general which is the the best digital video quatlity of the 3?

4. Because mini DV is a tape, is it as high quality digital video as the hard drive camcorder or my digital cameras video?

I put these two together, because the truth is, MiniDV is probably the best recording medium.

Don’t get me wrong though, not all MiniDV cams are created equal. You need to take into account whether the camera is a 1-CCD camera or a 3-CCD camera, the manual controls, etc. You ca’t go buying a bottom of the line MiniDV camera and expect it to outperform anything. I’ve see some low end MiniDV cams that don’t produce the same quality you can get from a Hi-8 camera. The cameras most of us use range in the upper $1000’s to mid $2000’s price range, and they’re great cameras.

MiniDV records in the same format that professional TV studios record a lot of their programming on (just on a different type of casette). You can record cinematic films on MiniDV, if the actual "camera" on your camera can handle it. The medium a camera records onto is nowhere near as important as a camera itself.

5. Again because mini DV is a tape, Can it be easily uploaded into my (mac) computer and/or my I-photo?

Macs almost universally come with a Firewire port. You would need to buy a firewire cable, but other than that, you should be ready to go.

thank you for any help on this, I really have no clue and would be looking to spend less than 800 on camcorder I buy one.

That’s a tight budget, and you really do get what you pay for. However, I hear that a member here, Compusolver, has a nice little Panny C7 he’s trying to part with. Maybe the two of you should strike up a deal πŸ˜€ The C7 is okay for a camera. It’s not the best, but it works.

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