Hi Jake – I have a Pocket


Hi Jake – I have a Pocket Cinema Camera on preorder too.  As a Panasonic GH1/GH2/GH3 shooter, I already have a few native and adapted MFT lenses, but I am looking for the SLR Magic 12mm T1.6, which is out of stock at Adorama (but you can still find one on eBay), because of the results John Brawley is getting with it in low light:




I am also on the lookout for an SLR Magic 25mm f0.95 lens like the one in this eBay auction listing.  It is the other lens that John used in the Sydney night shoot.  There are only a few hours left in this particular auction, but keep looking – they show up every once in a while.


To round out my kit, I am looking for the SLR Magic 35mm T f1.4, which Adorama says has been discontinued, but again, you can find one on eBay, if you are patient.


The best thing about the BPCC's MFT mount is that, with an inexpensive adapter, it can use lots great lenses for video (e.g., Nikon, manual Canon EF mount, Canon FD, etc.)


Hope this is helpful,



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