Hi Jack – I know it’s been a


Hi Jack – I know it's been a while since you've posted this, but I wanted to echo Mike and say that you're doing some really, really nice stuff.


-The shots where you're following the subject as they're doing the moves are really dynamic, very smooth, very engaging.

-No worries about different video quality on different shots – especially these days, as long as the shot is meaningful and the action engages your eye, then it's all good.

-Editorially, you had some great moments when the *actions* synced with the music hits – beginning editors usually put the *edit points* on the music hits, and you're already showing that you want to call attention to the action, not the edit point.


It's tough sometimes to get a real feel for if you're on the right track – our friends and family will always say we're great. So for what it's worth, I've done a whole bunch of editing for ESPN, FOX, and the UFC (among others), and I'm telling you, you should keep doing this. You're good, and as you keep doing it, you're only going to get better.

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