Hi Jack – First, kudos for


Hi Jack –

First, kudos for your initiative in doing this.

Second, you need much more than just a camera but since you’ve already been doing this I’m sure you know that.

You’ll need a computer (PC or MAC, your choice – see if your school can provide one), editing software (there are free ones but for less than $100 you’ll be able to get one with the tools you’ll need), support equipment (tripod, lights, mics, etc…) but you can do this inexpensively to start ($20 for a WalMart tripod, $30 for two or three Home Depot work lights, $20 for a mic, etc….).

Your camera choice will be limited by how much money you have left, You certainly can continue with your Aiptek but may want to look around on eBay or Craig’s List for a decent used camcorder – You will do very well if you only need SD but you can find bargains in HD as well.

This is a start and I’m sure others will join in with their recommendations. The more info you can provide the better advice we all can offer.

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