Hi Jabelone – welcome to the


Hi Jabelone – welcome to the forum!  You can save yourself some money and get a better camera with better video if you get a Panasonic G6 instead of the A65.  A two lens G6 kit will cost over $100 less than a comparable A65 kit.


The G6 has no 30 minute limit in Australia (it shoots continuously for hours, not minutes), has wi-fi and NFC for wireless file transfer and control from your phone or tablet, has focus peaking with manual lenses, has a standard hot shoe instead of a proprietary Sony shoe, and has a fully articulated LCD you can see when shooting standups from in front of the camera instead of the A65's "tilt screen", which is only visible from the rear of the camera.


Here is what this camera can do: 



Music Video:
















This is a much better video camera than the A65.


Hope this is helpful!



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