Hi. I’ve been toying with



I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into wedding videography. I think there’s money to be made in this market. But I’m not sure if the I want to get good tools to make money or if the wedding business is just an excuse to buy the cool toys that I want.

The camera people have reccomended to me is Panasonic DVX100b. Around $2500. More than you were willing to spend (especially if you want 3 of them). But what are credit cards for?

That’s not to mention sound equipment. Having a radio microphpone and a shotgun mic will help to make your video better than the one uncle Herb could shoot. But that’s going to set you back a couple hundred bucks or more.

Now you need a computer to edit and burn DVDs on. So you have to buy the 2.66Ghz quad core Mac. . . $2500. Plus extra hard drives and ram. . . $500. 3D video card . . . Just kidding. But you will need a video editing program, which cover a large range of prices and functionalities. The Intel Mac only supports Final Cut until Premiere comes out in April. Is it worth waiting for? There aren’t many weddings up here in winter. I don’t know what most wedding videographers use, but the full version of FC Studio will set you back $1400, ouch. All the money you just saved on the mac, you just blew on their high-priced program. But the "Motion" program seems pretty cool.

Yeah maybe I do just want the mac and the weddings are just an excuse.
I can’t really see myself going to 20 or 50 weddings a year. Ideally, I can find someone else to buy the cameras and shoot the weddings, and I’ll just play around on my mac and make the dvds. Any takers πŸ˜€

Thanks everybody for all the great advice on these message boards!

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