Hi, It maybe a bit late but I


Hi, It maybe a bit late but I just bought my second anamorphic projector lens. It’s a Bausch and Lomb Cinemascope attachement I. My other is a Dyaliscope 35 MM. These are heavy so you need to use rails. I use mine with a GH1 and a helios 44-2 58mm lens. With the Dyaliscope I get some vignetteing. I get none with the B&L. This is not a big deal because these lense create a 3.5 or so to 1 ratio. You can easily crop the shots down to 2.35 to 1.
You need diopters to get close ups. Considering the price it’s a great way to get into anamorphic shooting. There are too many naysayers out there. Check out youtube. These lenses can be shorten and rehoused if you have the talent. Check also the results using the Russian Lomo 35 NAP lenses. Small scratches and even small spots of fungus are not noticable in your shots. Don’t be afraid. Have fun. I’ll be creating a webpage on cheap Anamorphic lenses in the very near future on my Guitarandbeyond.com site.

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