Hi I’m back! Well I went b


Hi I’m back! Well I went back to home depot and I bought the lights that are recommended for these clamp lights:


They are 300 watts and put out 4170 lumens!

I have two of these suckers and they light up the room like Yankee stadium! I put a piece of parchment paper over each of them on the clamp lights, then an extra piece over one of them because it was too much light actually. I could never get key and fill to work, so I just filled the room with even light and it looks fine now I guess. I see all these tutorial videos with key and fill and when you actually go to do it, it doesn’t work, maybe it’s the space I have to work with, can’t position lights where they need to go. So now I have no shadows whatsoever on the talent and that makes the most sense to me, why would I want shadows? This isn’t a drama, it’s more like watching the news…

Oh by the way, you were asking about the background? It’s a black cloth, with a banner on it behind the talent.

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