hi, I’m a new on this foru


hi, I’m a new on this forum here. I don’t know much about this “school” of photo since I learned cinema in college. All we did was boring analysis of films and photographs, history (themes from renissance to the Romantics and performances in New York ’60s), and other stuff. since i wasn’t getting good grades, i went making some flicks on the weekends with a Hi8 and started learning the other aspects involved. Eventually, our college project was a 31-minute flick with 130$ budget (mostly pizza, but we had a deal with a bakery for buns and bread) and was displayed at the NFB. Since we got applauded, i decided to keep on working in filmmaking. My father encouraged me to study more serious stuff, like architecture, but all the same time he suscribed me to your magazine! lol i hope to spend some good times on this forum.

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