Hi igortski, unless you


Hi igortski, unless you absolutely need the full frame "look", for doc/vlog work I would save myself some money and get the $1298 Sony RX10 with its built in ND filter, constant f2.8 power zoom and lack of moire/artifacting – this camera is made for video in a way that the A7 and 5D Mark III are not.


Here is Andrew Reid's side by side between the RX10, A7, RX1 and a $4000+ dedicated camcorder, the Sony FS100:





Here is a test of this camera in an inteview setting:





Handheld on the ski slopes:





This shoot would have been impossible with the 5D Mark III without an expensive stabilizer rig.



The RX10 runs wth the big dogs for a lot less money.



Hope this is helpful and best of the holiday!



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