Hi Ian – I would enjoy lis


Hi Ian –

I would enjoy listening to your music. I would enjoy listening to the piece that you describe above. Is there a web-link to any of your compositions/film-scores??

Regarding the post that you wrote a few days ago, I’m also a fan of Aaron Copland. I enjoy a lot of the 20th Century genre of music including Copland. There are couple “21st Century” composers whom I’ve met on the internet that also write great music. Sadly, they will probably never get the notoriety that they deserve. They do, however, have a modest following. If interested, I’ll share you a link to their home-pages so that you can explore and listen to (what I consider to be) great music written within the past few years. 🙂

Debby –

I see that you’re residing in my home state, New York. I’m gonna check out your web-site and listen to some of the country music! 🙂 My father LOVES country music. I’m sure he’ll enjoy listening to the music that you produce as well. 🙂

Michael –

Curious. . . what software and instrumental libraries do you use for your film-scoring projects? Although I already use Logic Pro for my modest compositional & scoring needs, I’m thinking about purchasing Digital Performer (DP7) which seems to be geared more towards film composition. Do you have any thoughts on DP7?? Also, what video editing program do you use (if any)? Just curious.

Anyone else do any film composition?? If so, please feel free to share your work. Please share your work-flow to film composition.

In the meanwhile. . . Happy New Year to all. . . and Happy Composing! 🙂

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