Hi, I suspect your stuck with


Hi, I suspect your stuck with your camera? I used an old handycam and did "ok" green screen. As others have said..lighting the green screen and ironing out any wrinkles is important. If you can keep it pretty smooth and tight so that a slight breeze doesn't move it, and light it evenly across the entire thing possilby with a top light behind the actors (if you have a big enough green screen area) or two side lights (out of frame) that evenly light it. 


Also make sure your talent has no green at all, not even light green, stripes, etc. Funny story..I just did some green screen with my daughter for a project and she had what looked like a beige outfit but it turned out to have some green in it.. it was too late to reshoot, and she basically looked like a ghost in the final product. I completely forgot to look at her outfit in different lighting so it didn't appear greenish at all.


Anyway, if a camera was in your budget.. I'd seriously consider the Black Magic pocket cinema camera for $1000. Given the dynamic range, recording to pro-res (and supposedly RAW eventually) and it's price.. at least for green screen work I'd consider it probably the best value out there..especially if it can shoot RAW eventually. The cards won't be cheap.. something like $150 for a 64GB card that will give like 20 minutes of RAW.. but if you're shooting clips and not a solid 1/2 hour or longer..that may be ok. Of course you'd have to counter the 3x zoom the smaller sensor size gives, probably have to buy (or if you have) a 14mm to 28mm wide angle to make use of it in a small area. I have a 85mm Rokinon cinema lens that is fantastic that also make a 24mm that is like $700 that I am looking to buy eventually, might be good for this sort of stuff as well.


One other thought.. at least with Adobe After Effects there is the ability to "pad" (or soften?) the edging of the green screen matte, so that you can effecitvely smooth out potentially jagged edges like where hair and clothes intersect with the background. Sometimes in bad green screen with no padding you'll see almost a small greensih glow around shoulders and heads, usually due to lighting reflecting off the green screen on to the back of your talent. The padding helps remove this by removing a couple pixels around the edges. I don't know if Vegas can do this or not but I'd imagine so.



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