Hi. I can post more later,


Hi. I can post more later, but if I may ask, why woul you want 640 by 480 for anything that is being broadcast on the Internet?Aside from taking a ton of bandwidth (i.e. "money") every time it’s downloaded, it’s also an oddball size. 720 by 480 is the DV NTSC standard for Television.

What I’m saying is that with such a large video, you’re going to need to compress it a LOT so that you won’t have to pay a fortune for hosting, and at that point, you sponsors’ logos will be so blurry, they might not want to keep using the spot.

Sony Vegas’ Pro software is acceptable, and their stripped down consumer model might be capable of doing what you need. But it might be a good idea to determine if you really need it that size or not.


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