Hi Hank, I did see those o


Hi Hank,
I did see those on the site. Since they are oblong my question is “I wonder if they would damage my Sony DVDirect Burner”? since the mechanics of the machine normally burns all the way out to the edges of a typical DVD. I guess I would need to just make sure the video is a small enough size to remain in a circle from the center. Also though, wouldn’t/couldn’t these types of DVDs get broken and lose or damage recorded information being in someones wallet? I guess I would need to tell them not to keep these cards in their wallet, eh? Also, they don’t hurt DVD Players being oblong? I am sure a newby when it comes to those!
So, many questions?? Don’t mean to be a pest.

When I reach minimum wage I can start saving for a down payment on a cardboard house!!!

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