Hi Hank – They both have


Hi Hank –

They both have their strengths – I did not upgrade to the new version of SonicFire Pro but am using version 3. I was put off by them for asking full price for the upgrade to version 4 and only offering a $50 credit considering I paid over $300 just about one year prior for the old version. That said it is really simple to use and suits my needs (they have some really nice music).

I just purchased the Cinescore package today (Sony had a phenomenal upgrade deal for Vegas 6->7 that allowed me to purchase Cinsecore with twenty themes plus the two new theme packs for a total of forty themes for $150). I have been using the free trial from Sony (fully funtional thirty day trial avaiable on the sonymediasoftware.com website) for a month and really find it amazing in it’s power. The new version of Vegas is supposed to be more closely integrated with this.

I would suggest to anyone (especially those who really use decent background music) to try the trial – But before you do, watch the video tutorials on the website – You really cannot fathom the power and versatility of this product just ituitively – The initial package of twenty themes can actually generate thousands of variations, each in an unliited number of lengths.

Bottom line – I will continue to use both packages – depending on the music I am looking for (I did say I really like some of the Smartsound themes). When they come out with version 5 of SFP I may upgrade then.

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